Educational Game Application Idea for learning new languages.

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Mon Mar 3 13:05:18 UTC 2014


I am interested in making a educational game application similar to
superTuxKart. This game will help anyone who want to learn a new language.
I would be participating in KDE gsoc and I would like this game as my

So a brief explanation about the game :-

- Player is competing against few opponents in a race.

- Race is about completing one's word and reaching the finish line first.

- Initially, all the player are given a word of same length.

- Every player has to complete his/her words by picking up the alphabets
popping in the race track.

- Multiple alphabets will pop-up on track and player has to pick the
correct one.

- If the player doesn't fails to pick the correct alphabet he'll receive
multiple chances( maybe 6) to pick it up again, or else the race is aborted.

- If the player picks up the correct the his bar length will increase and
he'll get closer to completion.

- Similar to alphabets pop-ups there are these power pop-ups too, which
will help the player to increase his speed, launch a missile etc.

- The player who reaches the finishing line with the completed word wins.

*This might be good for kids learning English but how will it help to learn
other languages?*

Suppose you have to learn Thai language, in the game initially you will be
shown something for example, an apple and then you have to complete the
word apple in thai language i.e. By picking up thai alphabets.

*Sounds good, but don't you think the mature ones will find the tedious to
learn the language by racing through words?*

This was pointed out by Inge Wallin, and yeah it completely correct. For
this part we can add a quick learn language dialog, in which a thai
alphabet will be shown and you the type their correct english spelling, or
vice versa. The faster you type the better you get.

*Won't this be a too much for a GSOC project, i.e. Building a

Coding a SuperTuxKart in summer, might be. But the implementation of this
educational app is quite subjective. If 3D would be difficult we can to a
2D. If there are many features then we can reduce a few or vice versa.

Some background,

I have good experience in c++ 'cause of my competitive programming
background. I have some experience in QT and very little in OpenGL. I have
solved 3 bugs in KDE, mostly junior jobs though.

I am very excited to work on this project and yes, I want to join KDE for a
long term :).

Kindly, review this idea and let me know if I need to make some changes to
make it compatible with GSOC timeline.

Cheers :)
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