GSoC New project idea: Logical circuit designer program.

Lóránt Seres sereslorant at
Mon Mar 3 18:03:34 UTC 2014


My name is Lóránt Seres. I'm a student at the Budapest University of
Technology and Economics, and I would like to propose a new project for the
Google Summer of Code.

I would like to write a program for logical circuit design.This is a
subject we have been studying at my university, and I really got
interested, in it, but all the software are expensive, or don't suit my

My goal is to create a program in C++ that can be used to build
combinational and sequential circuits from logic gates, flip flops, macros,
and other parts used in digital logic, with a simulator and a project
manager, and I'm looking for a mentor to support my idea.


Lóránt Seres
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