Replacing file-system by database in KStars

Alexander Wolf alex.v.wolf at
Tue Jan 28 03:39:03 UTC 2014


2014-01-28 Vijay Dhameliya <vijay.atwork13 at>

> Currently when KStars is launched, it reads data corresponding to
> different Skyobject from respective file in loaddata() methods. And I have
> tracked out all the classes where we are loading data by reading file.
> I researched bit on the topic and I found that loading data from database
> is always much better option then doing same from file.
> If we replace file system with QSql following are the Pros:
> 1) We will not have to ship so many files with Kstars
> 2) Loading from database is quicker than doing same from file
> 3) Code for load methods will be reduced in size
> Cons:
> 1) I will have to move all data from files into database by temporary
> methods
> So I am planning to start coding to replace file system by database on my
> local branch.
> Can you please give your views and suggestion regarding the same ? I am
> sure that It will be very helpful to me. :)

What about localization support for strings (like names of DSO) from those

With best regards, Alexander
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