Parley Bug Fix: #266368

Andreas Cord-Landwehr cordlandwehr at
Mon Feb 3 14:46:33 UTC 2014

On Monday 03 February 2014 19:55:36 Amarvir Singh wrote:
> I made some changes to the alpha values of the color according to the
> .grade, increasing the value from low to high as grades increase 
> the color same across all grades in the Parley settings) This is much 
> intuitive to a user, who might not even be aware of leitner boxes or
> grades. Earlier, the statistics bar seemed to be a bit confusing, even to
> me as a first time user. The % completion in the bar and the
> progress-bar-like color filling seemed to be projecting information
> different from each other, to a new user.
> Screenshot:
> What I, hence, suggest is keeping the RGB value the same as a default 
> be changed acc to user's wish) and incrementing the alpha value.

Sounds reasonable to me. And I especially like the approach to use the 
same color but different alpha values. This seems to me to be the more 
intuitive approach, since it avoids that users have to learn colors but use 
the meaning that a high saturation is better than a low one.
Though, I am unsure about the percentage value and the color of 
unlearned words. IMO it is hard to understand how the value is related to 
the bar. If I understand it correctly, the last bar element visualizes the 
untried words and the second last box the yet unlearned but tried words.
Could it be useful to put the percentage value always directly after the 
fifths box, mark the sixth and seventh box in a different color but again 
with different alpha values?
That would at least stress the difference between learned and unlearned 
words and give an indication how the percentage value is computed.

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