Parley Bug Fix: #266368

Amarvir Singh amarvir.ammu.93 at
Mon Feb 3 14:25:36 UTC 2014


I made some changes to the alpha values of the color according to the
.grade, increasing the value from low to high as grades increase (keeping
the color same across all grades in the Parley settings) This is much more
intuitive to a user, who might not even be aware of leitner boxes or
grades. Earlier, the statistics bar seemed to be a bit confusing, even to
me as a first time user. The % completion in the bar and the
progress-bar-like color filling seemed to be projecting information
different from each other, to a new user.


What I, hence, suggest is keeping the RGB value the same as a default (can
be changed acc to user's wish) and incrementing the alpha value.

On Sun, Feb 2, 2014 at 11:14 PM, Amarvir Singh <amarvir.ammu.93 at>wrote:

> Hi,
> This is regarding the Parley bug:
> I have a fix for this, but couldn't quite guess how the colored bars
> should be shown. I did what I thought made sense, ie:
> For Grade 0 the bar is empty in the beginning. As new words become Grade
> 1, the Grade 1 colored bar starts filling in from the left like a progress
> bar. When few words start entering Grade 2, a new Grade 2 colored
> bar(depending upon the settings of the user) starts filling from the left,
> kinda like it's eating away the Grade 1 bar(depicting the words that have
> changed from 1 to 2).
> This is the screenshot:
> If this looks fine, I can submit the patch and close the bug ticket. Or
> you have some suggestions, I'll be happy to implement them.
> Thanks,
> Amarvir Singh
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