Parley Bug Fix: #266368

Amarvir Singh amarvir.ammu.93 at
Sun Feb 2 17:44:26 UTC 2014


This is regarding the Parley bug:
I have a fix for this, but couldn't quite guess how the colored bars should
be shown. I did what I thought made sense, ie:

For Grade 0 the bar is empty in the beginning. As new words become Grade 1,
the Grade 1 colored bar starts filling in from the left like a progress
bar. When few words start entering Grade 2, a new Grade 2 colored
bar(depending upon the settings of the user) starts filling from the left,
kinda like it's eating away the Grade 1 bar(depicting the words that have
changed from 1 to 2).

This is the screenshot:

If this looks fine, I can submit the patch and close the bug ticket. Or you
have some suggestions, I'll be happy to implement them.

Amarvir Singh
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