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Aleix Pol aleixpol at
Sun Aug 3 22:44:33 UTC 2014

On Sat, Aug 2, 2014 at 7:18 PM, Andreas Xavier <andxav at> wrote:

> I have added a frameworks branch to the parley repo.
> Most things work: welcome screen, editor, practice (all methods), practice
> summary and statistics.
> Some things were disabled because there were no direct replacements in KF5
> for
> functionality in KDE4.8. These are all marked in code with @todo
> frameworks or
> #todo frameworks in the CMakeLists
> Here is list of things that need to be fixed to restored complete
> functionality:
> XSLT support in CMake
> unit tests - there were none in any case
> KDialog supported standardized buttons that are now missing. i.e. download
> dialogs are missing ok/cancel buttons
KDialog in KDELibs4Support should still support this.

> KLineEdit had a clear button that is not supported. - search field is
> missing clear field button
If you use the correct QPT (you need frameworks integration) and the Oxygen
style. You'll get it correctly. Also should work with QLineEdit.

> <KRecentFilesAction> doesn't exist, so there is not list of recent files
It does exist, it's in KConfigWidgets.

> AudioButton and BoxesWidget crashes. A bug with the redraw means
> AudioButton and BoxesWidget were removed.
> conversion from KUrl to Qurl means that flashcards are identifying
> many?/all questions as pictures and displaying the default word Baum
> Here is a list of additional work the is supported by kdeLibs4Support (and
> still fully functional), but needs to be ported:
> icons are named incorrectly
> file locations are not all in frameworks locations
> KAboutData old version
> KGlobal old version
> KIcon -> QIcon
> With no unit tests, I could be very mistaken on what is and is not still
> working as intended.
> Andreas.
And yes, Unit Tests would be very welcome ;).

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