Parley frameworks branch

Andreas Xavier andxav at
Sat Aug 2 17:18:32 UTC 2014

I have added a frameworks branch to the parley repo.

Most things work: welcome screen, editor, practice (all methods), practice summary and statistics.

Some things were disabled because there were no direct replacements in KF5 for
functionality in KDE4.8. These are all marked in code with @todo frameworks or
#todo frameworks in the CMakeLists

Here is list of things that need to be fixed to restored complete functionality:
XSLT support in CMake
unit tests - there were none in any case
KDialog supported standardized buttons that are now missing. i.e. download dialogs are missing ok/cancel buttons
KLineEdit had a clear button that is not supported. - search field is missing clear field button
<KRecentFilesAction> doesn't exist, so there is not list of recent files
AudioButton and BoxesWidget crashes. A bug with the redraw means AudioButton and BoxesWidget were removed.
conversion from KUrl to Qurl means that flashcards are identifying many?/all questions as pictures and displaying the default word Baum

Here is a list of additional work the is supported by kdeLibs4Support (and still fully functional), but needs to be ported:
icons are named incorrectly
file locations are not all in frameworks locations
KAboutData old version
KGlobal old version
KIcon -> QIcon

With no unit tests, I could be very mistaken on what is and is not still working as intended.


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