ktouch/next ready for merge

Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Tue Oct 23 17:52:20 UTC 2012

> That's not possible because the new version is more than just changed code. It
> comes also with new formats for keyboard layouts and courses. I've converted
> all the old files to the new format but maintaining both sets is to time
> consuming for me. So a simple CMake switch to swap codebases wont't to the
> trick. It has to be done for the data files too. At that point I don't see the
> benefit of CMake switch anymore, because the two versions pretty much share
> nothing but the name. I could re-add all the old files but this would be a
> little bit against the intended use of an SCM and it would make the repository
> layout more messy than necessary.

Why should they even care about underlying details? Surely, there used
to be a qt3-support, qt4-support, kde3-support modules, folders and so
forth in the same branches in the history of Qt and KDE. :-)

> Insteat I would rather just use the just KDE4.9 branch of KTouch to build both
> the standalone KTouch install as well as the bundled installers. I'm no expert
> for the KDE Windows installers but I think their should be an option to set
> which branch to use for a given repository?

Sure, everything is possible. You can expose all the details you want,
to the users and downstream, but the more important question is:
worthwhile? You write the project for reaching the end users with a
nice software. The distribution chain is a must have to get your
software distributed. If you put all the work towards downstream
(admittedly very limited resources on that end), I do not wonder if
they potentially give up.

Not to mention, KDE 4.10 would be the carry of the previous version
for Windows. People would come to report issues and so forth since
that is the official Windows version then for KDE 4.10. If all the
responsibilities are put towards the distributors, they can achieve
the same in the end, but people will still come to report issues about
KDE 4.10 KDE Edu, KTouch because that would be KTouch 4.10 for


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