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Am Dienstag, 23. Oktober 2012, 18:25:14 schrieb Laszlo Papp:
> > The important thing for you is, that the old Windows version of KTouch
> > won't go anywhere, just because we release a newer (and better) X11
> > version for Linux. So the situation for will be same, you just won't
> > profit from the new features for now.
> It does not work like that. If the users get an update, everything
> will be most likely updated for one bunch. They would not like to have
> more difficulty than that. I have proposed two approaches, but I think
> the third is probably even better:
> Leave the old codebase around and let the KDE Windows distributors
> build that with a cmake option, otherwise the new version. Once you
> have the project working for Windows, you could remove the obsolete
> unit.
> That way, if the end users get a kde edu update, everything will just
> work for them, albeit the linux and windows variants will be slightly
> different, but there are such differences between other platforms like
> Linux and Harmattan as well even though that is a desktop-mobile
> differentiation, not desktop-desktop. Still better than a non-working
> version.

That's not possible because the new version is more than just changed code. It 
comes also with new formats for keyboard layouts and courses. I've converted 
all the old files to the new format but maintaining both sets is to time 
consuming for me. So a simple CMake switch to swap codebases wont't to the 
trick. It has to be done for the data files too. At that point I don't see the 
benefit of CMake switch anymore, because the two versions pretty much share 
nothing but the name. I could re-add all the old files but this would be a 
little bit against the intended use of an SCM and it would make the repository 
layout more messy than necessary.

Insteat I would rather just use the just KDE4.9 branch of KTouch to build both 
the standalone KTouch install as well as the bundled installers. I'm no expert 
for the KDE Windows installers but I think their should be an option to set 
which branch to use for a given repository?

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