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Tue May 15 09:08:23 UTC 2012

On Sunday, May 13, 2012 21:01:27 Laszlo Papp wrote:
> > Sorry Laszlo but you are wrong, kde-runtime is a runtime dependency for
> > all
> > kde applications as of now.
> Like I wrote: I understand that it is fine for certain group, but not
> for everybody.

Albert and Laszlo are talking about two slightly different things, and it's a 
source of disconnect that has motivated design decisions in Frameworks 5.

Albert is talking about the *reality* of things: as the KDE Platform is 
designed from a technical perspective, kde-runtime is a dependency for all kde 
applications. full stop. don't pass Go. don't collect $200. that's just how it 
is. things break when kde-runtime is not installed.

Laszlo is reflecting the *desire* of many application developers, which is to 
have a more "ala cart" approach where instead of having one big kde-runtime 
(and one big kdelibs) things are broken out ("atomized", "modularized", take 
your pick :) so that only the requirements of a specific application are there.

so ... for the original question of "does this introduce any new 
dependencies", it is correct to say that for KDE applications using the Plasma 
Qt Components does NOT introduce any dependencies that do not already exist.

and for the "our desire is to not have kde-runtime" viewpoint, that is 
something we wish to achieve with Frameworks 5. please support that effort.

Aaron J. Seigo
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