Laszlo Papp lpapp at kde.org
Sun May 13 23:03:07 UTC 2012

> The Oxygen Style is in kde runtime, without it your apps would look
> like crap on a default KDE installation.

I think, not everybody uses KDE desktop for running KDE applications.
Meanwhile, it is fine if someone uses Plasma, it is also fine if
someone does not use that (or not even Oxygen). This is not, and
cannot be a hard requirement.

> Also the Qt Desktop Components are not ready yet, I don't think we can
> consider it an option, on the other hand Plasma Components are.

1) I think some people prefer this better than Plasma Components and
vice versa. This is healthy this way.
2) Like I wrote, kdeclarative was marked as experimental when I last
checked. It did not bring itself as a stable something. It is an
unstable and experimental as the Qt Desktop Components. As far as I
know, we do not even promise the same compatibility level for those as
for stable modules in kdelibs. Not to forget, distributions like
Kubuntu and so forth packaged that separately with clearly marking as
3) KDE UI is the most stable solution if we are discussing stability
(which is currently existing, and was about to be removed in the very

> I don't think the possibility to use Desktop Components some day is
> reason enough to discourage someone trying to improve one of our
> applications.

Like I wrote earlier in this thread: I am not against a new frontend.
I am against destroying everything else. I sincerely apologize, if I
expressed myself badly in that regards. New contributors are always
welcome for sure.

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp

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