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Hi Anne-Marie,
First of all, thanks for having a look at my review-request.
I fully understand what you say, and as you had said earlier I had sent a
mail to the mailing list regarding this issue.
But I could not get good suggestions on it, and meanwhile I found out why
the "close" button didn't behave as expected for toggle, so I sent this
patch and Lueck confirmed that the patch worked for him.

Anyways, I am still looking over for further improvements/suggestions so
that I myself can implement those.

Rahul Sharma
(NUM_1 on

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 3:31 PM, Anne-Marie Mahfouf <
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> Hi,
> There is a bug**cgi?id=152182<>about the Sliders dialog. A patch is proposed but I am not satisfied with
> it. Technically the patch works and the student did well. But in my
> opinion, the problem must be tackled in another way and for that we need
> KmPlot developers and power users to help.
> I'd like some highlights on the following points about KmPlot Sliders
> dialog and design decisions, especially point 3):
> 1) In the View class we already have 2 methods [void sliderWindowClosed();
> and void slidersWindowClosed();] for setting the m_menuSliderAction to
> false. So instead of adding a new method this should be fixed here. And see
> why there are 2 such methods.
> 2) Is there a need for a toggle action as the dialog is either shown or
> not (doesn't it behave exactly as the Coordinate System dialog?) I would
> make it a simple action "Show Sliders..." to open the dialog.
> 3) As I said in the mail when we discussed this bug, the sliders behavior
> should be clarified. According to**
> KmPlot/Using_Sliders <> the
> sliders modify a parameter value. If there is no parameter, the dialog does
> nothing, as does nothing checking "Slider 1" in the tab. So should this be
> available at all in those cases?
> Best regards,
> Anne-Marie
> PS: https://git.reviewboard.kde.**org/r/104138/<>
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