[kde-edu]: Re: Asy exporter: Bezier curves

Raoul raoulb at bluewin.ch
Mon Mar 28 03:03:00 CEST 2011


> > > I discovered that the quadratic Bezier curves drawn by
> > > the pgf/Tikz exporter are wrong and really cubic ones with
> > > coinciding control points! (I did not fix this yet.)

In the mean time I fixed this. But I plan to review the
pgf/Tikz exporter later anyway. (If this is ok for you.)

I also added quadratic Beziers to asy without relying
to the generic curve output.

> > I did not look at the patch as such, only the style. It seems you
> > indent with 4 spaces when the rest of the Kig files are indented
> > with 2 only. This is not consistent in my point of view.

You are right. The coding style does not matter much for me here,
so I'm happy to adapt whateever you wish to become consistent with
the overall KDE/Kig style. Just tell me the important points I should
obey, maybe there are KDE coding guidelines somewhere?

> I noticed that there is a sistematic style correction of adding a space
> before the open '('. The original choice was made by Domi and I then
> tried to conform to his style (although I usually write code like
> "myfunction (myarg1, myarg2)")

This systematic reformatting was done by Kdevelop, I once pressed the
reformat button.

> > I suggest you separate the formatting part of the patch from the
> > code implementation.

I tried to follow your suggestion without reverting everything and manually
removed all the pure reformatting chunks from the patch file. However there
are some small parts left in the diff.

I could also manually reformat the source code I touched in filters/*
such that it fits to the rest ...

> I also hope that Raoul could try to investigate the problems that
> he mentions in his mail.

I'll try, but I won't promise any time limit. There are many things
missing and several Bugs in the existing exporters. And probably
I'll have many more questions about Kig internals ...

By the way, what do you think about putting the PSTricks and Tikz
impvisitors in separate files as I did with the asy impvisitor? This
would help clean up the huge latexexporter file.

-- Raoul
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