[kde-edu]: Re: Review Request: CMakeLists fix in Kiten

Sebastian Stein seb_stein at gmx.de
Wed Jan 26 18:42:01 CET 2011

Rebetez Etienne <etienne.rebetez at oberwallis.ch> [110126 18:35]:
> Back in December there was a discusion with the header "git conversion". As i 
> understand the consens was to make for all apps a git repo.

No, consens was to have an individual repo for each app, but to do the move
at the same time for the whole kdeedu project.

> The first step would be to adapt the cmake files, like Daniel did.
> Marble, Kalzium, Rocs can already be build as standalone and form kdeedu. 
> So every app can be patched without breaking trunk in order to be split;)

Ok, I will try that for KBruch.



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