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On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 7:11 AM, Aleix Pol <aleixpol at kde.org> wrote:

> On Fri, Jul 16, 2010 at 1:22 PM, Stuart Jarvis <stuart.jarvis at gmail.com>wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> (I subscribed so no need to cc me)
>> Some of you may have picked up on the stuff about KDE and Science that
>> Luca and
>> I have been working on (planet, Dot etc) and some of us who are interested
>> in
>> raising the profile of KDE science applications managed to talk to some of
>> you
>> at Akademy. Sorry for not getting around to contacting you as a list
>> before,
>> this has all happened pretty quickly. Anyway, we wanted to send an email
>> to
>> try and explain what we're up to and ask for your views, if you're
>> interested.
>> There's one thing that we want to make clear to start with:
>> For what we would like to achieve, we see zero changes required in KDE-Edu
>> Here's the basic issue we're trying to address: there isn't a place to
>> discover KDE apps that are useful in science and are not part of KDE-Edu.
>> There is also no dedicated place to find out who else is working with
>> similar
>> apps to discuss issues. For the science apps in kde-edu it's fine as you
>> have
>> http://edu.kde.org/applications/science (nice, btw). However, there are
>> many
>> other science apps that are not part of KDE-Edu.
>> We held a KDE Science BoF at Akademy and came up with a few short term
>> proposals:
>> - Set up a subforum on forum.kde.org for scientists and science apps
>> (created,
>> not yet publicised)
>> - Set up a mailing list (low traffic, coordination only - chat is for
>> forum).
>> We've since found out that kde-science already exists but is dormant since
>> 2005 so we'll just use that
>> - Have a webpage somewhere that summarises KDE applications of use in
>> science.
>> That last point is probably the biggest overlap with Edu, since it would
>> include also the apps at http://edu.kde.org/applications/science The way
>> that
>> we see it is that the 'KDE Science' page would also list those apps, but
>> have
>> links to further information on the relevant page on kde-edu (i.e.
>> http://edu.kde.org/applications/science/kalzium/). For projects outside
>> KDE-
>> Edu and the SC we'd link to whatever their webpage is.
>> Our consensus seemed to be that the KDE science page would sit best on the
>> main www.kde.org - so it could be a page 'Science' under applications and
>> probably  much like http://www.kde.org/applications/education/ Of course,
>> this
>> needs discussion in various other places (promo and web for example).
>> Another
>> possibility it to use Userbase, but this would be less visible to someone
>> stumbling across the KDE website and trying to see what we have (though
>> userbase would be a great home for additional info)
>> Any input on the above would be welcome :-)
>> We'll be discussing things on kde-science at kde.org mostly, so please sign
>> up if
>> you'd be interested. We'll be sure to discuss anything that could affect
>> Edu
>> here too.
>> One final question -  a few people have floated the idea of having a
>> separate
>> science module, though not - I think - KDE-Edu people. This is not
>> something
>> that's on our agenda. Actually, it seems like a bad idea - KDE Edu works
>> well
>> as it is - but we're not well placed to make that judgement and it
>> definitely
>> isn't our decision ;-) But if any of you were thinking of doing something
>> like
>> that it would be good to know as that could have some impact on KDE
>> Science
>> plans.
>> Please feel free to mail us with any questions: on this list, kde-science
>> or
>> privately. I (Stu) am also on IRC in #kde, #kde-promo and #kde-forum as
>> jakamoko while Luca is einar77
>> Cheers,
>> Luca and Stu
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> Hi,
> I think that it makes sense to have some targeting to science people but I
> still don't really understand what do you want to make. Is it just to create
> a website and mailinglist. If it is like that I think that shouldn't be much
> problem but I'd still prefer to see KDE Science as a KDE Edu branch.
> We are already targeting that science/university world and we don't want to
> create confusion but we can probably find a common place together.
> Aleix

I think this makes a lot of sense too, but like Aleix I wonder what the
purpose is besides highlighting science apps.  Are there a lot of KDE
science apps that are not in kde-edu?  Is the idea to make something like
the Educational plasma project the other guys are doing to help
discoverability of science applications?


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