[kde-edu]: Feedback and question as to the editing possibilities

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at kde.org
Sun Oct 11 18:44:25 CEST 2009


On Sunday 03 May 2009 23:32:00 Montyfrisian wrote:
> Hi team,
> it's a great thing to have this on a Linux system. I wonder how the people 
>  selling phase-6 and AZ 6-1 can be so arrogant and pretend that they have
>  made a breakthrough ...
> Anyway,
> I'd like to know whether there is the chance to apply an ENTER in one field
>  since I want to edit things properly.
> Example:
> problematisch (Ger.)	- problematic
> 					- problematical
> to argue				Which prepositions can be used and what do they mean?
> 					on
> 					about
> 					with
> 					for
> 					against

I'm not sure I understand correctly - are you asking for newlines? Or multiple 
translations here?

> Can you give me any tips where I can get a proper collection of an IPA
>  table with all the phonetic symbols that can be used to represent English?
>  And how can this be implemented in Parley?
We have the unicode tables (as one of the docks) which should contain all IPA 
It's not the most comfortable way to get them, but I have no better idea at 
the moment.
(View -> Phonetic Symbols)


> Thank you very much in advance
> Kind regards,
> Marcus Hausmann, English teacher in Dessau, Germany
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