[kde-edu]: Parley: the same term in two lessons?

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at kde.org
Sun Oct 11 18:38:53 CEST 2009

Hi Sabine,
at some point we experimented with having words in more than one lesson.
In the end it turned out that it is very confusing how to manage this in the 
user interface and requires quite a bit of special casing.
In the end, it was decided, that the overhead of allowing this with the 
current library we use to manage kvtml and the extra user interface bits are 
not worth the effort.


On Friday 09 October 2009 11:34:05 Sabine Emmy Eller wrote:
> The next thing I am wondering about:
> One creates lessons with entries - but some entries should go into more
>  than one lesson.
> For example: when I create a vocabulary trainer for English to whatever
> language, I should be able to say:
> 1) "lesson 1 - Traveling to Great Britain" (which follows for example the
> entries found in a schoolbook) where for example the terms Germany, Great
> Britain are inserted
> then one day there is a specific lesson about Geography
> 2) "lesson 35 - All about Geography" where among many other country names
> you also have Germany and Great Britain
> The entry in the database should be single, while the usage twice or even
> more depending fromt he actual lessons. This avoids that spelling errors
>  get distributed, because only one entry is maintained.
> Up to now I did not see any example like this in files I downloaded. (While
> cleaning the files I am preparing the next steps ... so it would be good to
> know beforehand instead of having to do things twice).
> Btw.: you might be interested to read this short note about "How to make it
> easy to contribute?"
> http://www.voxhumanitatis.org/content/how-make-it-easy-contribute
> Cheers, Sabine
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