[kde-edu]: First file Vocabulary Trainer for Parley uploaded

Lydia Pintscher lydia at kde.org
Thu Oct 1 18:03:57 CEST 2009

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 17:57, Sabine Emmy Eller <s.eller at i-iter.org> wrote:
> Hi, I just uploaded the first file of a set of Vocabulary trainers here:
> http://kde-files.org/content/show.php?content=112970
> English-Ukrainian
> I hope I got everything right.
> At first we started to work from an existing list, but soon we noted that
> there were too many issues. Therefore we started from scratch avoiding
> problems as much as possible. Therefore for now there is also no
> categorisation and the terms are not classified as nouns/verbs etc. This
> will come in future versions.
> The translations were mainly made during a translation marathon during
> Agis09 (http://agis09.org). We were traslating in Limerick and in 4 other
> countries. In the end just a hand ful of pepole that really made a lot of
> stuff.
> Right now we found some more people helping to get French and Italian as
> well as some other languages on the way.
> We as Vox Humanitatis decided to go for the KDE Educational project for
> various reasons and we hope that over time a good co-operation and even a
> partnership with KDE-Educational will result out of this. One very positive
> point is that the software can also be installed on Windows. In fact Outi
> Sané who cares about North European and some African languages uses it on
> Windows.
> We believe that our growing team of involved over time will find it fun to
> see the projects grow. It's like so often: one drop at a time we create a
> river and many rivers flow into an ocean.
> We are now looking into integrating Hang-Man and some question/answer
> eduationals like "What is the capital of Italy?" requiring the answer "Rome"
> into our "to be translated" parts.
> I am coyping this e-mail also to our translators list in order to have
> people know that we actually started to commit files. They will be delivered
> quite slowly I suppose, depending on other organisational work that needs
> doing.

Hi Sabine,

that is great news! What would you think about an article on
dot.kde.org to push this some more? Would you or someone else from
your team be up for an interview?

Promo peeps: Any takers? Would be awesome if one of you could prepare
a few questions for Sabine and write a short article for the dot.


Lydia Pintscher
Amarok community manager
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