[kde-edu]: parley, wikimedia and autocomplete your input

Andreas Kainz kainz.a at gmail.com
Fri Nov 27 00:31:30 CET 2009


> Of course it's a good idea. Web integration is nowadays very common for people
> connected (which might not be the case for all schools).

I think web integration will be useful for dealing with information.
The web is a big information pool so when we will find a way that we
can filter the information from the web like we need it will be useful
for the working proces.

> That you are not a coder is not important, we need ideas and design so if you
> could make some visual mockups that would be very very great.

I'l make some visual style for the working place parley and put it on
opendesktop.org (brainstorm). maybe there will be more people be
interested in this idea than the overview screen. With opendesktop.org
we also show people that there will be a process in KDE EDU.

> We need a wiki to put all that on, along with the converter idea from Sabine.
> What can we use? techbase?

techbase for a wiki why not. have the same layout than edu.kde.org so
it will have a cooperate design. looks good for me.

> I could not open your document, was asked for an account (the document on
> http://ul.to/4sl9fp). Can you put it somewhere else? Or did I miss something?

you don't miss something but I'll send you the file to your e-mail
address. The file only show you the connection between parley and
openclipart (you have

> Best regards,
Andreas Kainz

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