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Mon Nov 23 02:20:39 CET 2009

On Sun, Nov 22, 2009 at 4:26 PM, Tomaz Canabrava <tumaix at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello,
> The last e-mail from apol on the Step case got me thinking, speccialy the
> sentence "Vladimir would be better at knowing if there's anybody else using
> step, at least than me".
> The only thing that we know about Kde - Edu is that it's a suit for
> educational apps that is usable somewhere, and by somewhere I mean from
> time
> to time we get an e-mail about a teacher in a random() place in the world
> thanking for it.
> So,  I think a plan should be done showing where KDE - Edu is being used
> world
> wide, From preschools to universities.
> I'm gonna this prepare a presentation on What's KDE - Edu, what uses it can
> have on preschools, elementary, highschool and colleges, we could translate
> that and give a week of meetings in universities, schools and stuff to show
> our work, since there's a lot teachers that never had the change of knowint
> about the apps.
> And after that, considering that a few colleges could actually start using
> the
> apps, we could gather the information and aggregate in one Wiki to spread
> the
> word.
> Tomaz
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Well, I've actually been saying that many times recently. But before doing
any presentation, we actually need some internal reorganization to agree
what kde edu is and how should we present it. That's something that we will
have to discuss in the meeting so that we are all on the same page, I think.

Anyway I think we all agree that we need a lot of feedback. In my opinion,
at this moment feedback is more important than developers, since without
this feedback developers can feel kind of lost/disappointed/frustrated and
it might be one of the reasons that one day they're with us and the next
they don't. A good way to get this feedback is by giving good presentations
of course, but we still need a concise and omnipresent idea of what kdeedu
means, which I'm not even sure what is besides a bunch of applications for
people who learns.
We've made that presentation (Albert and me) a couple of times and it's
quite boring (besides our always brilliant jokes, of course >.<), we need
structure before dropping such load of applications without segmenting
first. (kbruch and cantor doesn't fit together). Or maybe it's not boring,
but attending people doesn't see the big picture I think, they just ask
about very specific stuff, never the big picture.

We also need to be reached outside events. If common communication ways
(bugzilla, mailing lists) are not useful to get to teachers, we might want
to create different stuff, but for starters, we could try to convince them
that mailing lists are good. It's not silly to say: "send your email to
kde-edu at kde.org, if you don't know English, then use your language and
people there will try to get to you", we can even contact translators so
that they can give us a hand if it's languages unknown by the developers (we
can cover easily english, spanish, italian, french, brazilian, catalan).
E-mail is simple and everybody knows that, what's the problem? I don't think
we need yet another cms system, we have userbase.kde.org and it's philosophy
adapts perfectly to our needs, we just need to have our section there and to

We are not looking forward to hope they're available to us, we want them to
talk to us (and introduce them to the userbase in the best case). In the
future we might want to create a network of KDE Edu users. But I think
that's premature.

Sorry if I went offtopic or it's too lengthy but I'd really like some
discussion on that.

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