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Andreas Kainz andreas_k at abwesend.de
Sun Nov 22 22:50:03 CET 2009

ok that work for me.

I'll make a wordlist (german/english) that works fine and it was also
no problem to use the wordlist in parley and kwordquiz.

At the next step I'll make a animal quiz for kids (german - english)
with pictures and sound. And there I have some questions:

1. Picture is no problem
2. Layout - you will write at the homepage that the layout will be
changed with themes, because at the moment children can't use the app.
3. I have a problem with the sound. Wich sound format I can use? wav
and ogg doesn't work. When this is a problem from my installation that
I'll check this.
4. Wikipedia suport would be realy fine. In every language.
5. Is it possible to make a start page where you can choose between
quiz and make a lection so also children can choose some quizes (with
a theme methode)

Thanks a lot

2009/11/22 Daniel Laidig <mail at daniel-laidig.de>:
> On Sunday 22 November 2009 15:24:29 Andreas Kainz wrote:
>> Hello
>> I'd like to make a english vocabulary test.
>> My problem is, that it is not possible to make more than one answer.
>> is this possible?
> Hello,
> what exactly do you mean? Having more synonyms and entering anyone of those is
> counted as correct?
> For that, you can enable the synonym dock widget (in the View menu). Now you
> can use the dock to mark two entries as synonyms. If you enter the synonym,
> Parley will show "You entered a synonym." and count is as correct.
> For 4.5 we might have a better and simpler alternative.
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