[kde-edu]: Suggestion for promo on KDE - EDU

Tomaz Canabrava tumaix at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 16:26:35 CET 2009


The last e-mail from apol on the Step case got me thinking, speccialy the 
sentence "Vladimir would be better at knowing if there's anybody else using 
step, at least than me". 

The only thing that we know about Kde - Edu is that it's a suit for 
educational apps that is usable somewhere, and by somewhere I mean from time 
to time we get an e-mail about a teacher in a random() place in the world 
thanking for it. 

So,  I think a plan should be done showing where KDE - Edu is being used world 
wide, From preschools to universities.

I'm gonna this prepare a presentation on What's KDE - Edu, what uses it can 
have on preschools, elementary, highschool and colleges, we could translate 
that and give a week of meetings in universities, schools and stuff to show 
our work, since there's a lot teachers that never had the change of knowint 
about the apps. 

And after that, considering that a few colleges could actually start using the 
apps, we could gather the information and aggregate in one Wiki to spread the 


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