[kde-edu]: [Avogadro-devel] Needed some clarifications in Kalzium

Louis Ricard louis.ricard at polytechnique.edu
Fri Jul 24 19:18:17 CEST 2009

Hi all.

The term "shapely colors" is exactly what you cite from Rasmol.
It has nothing to do with shape and is a coloring convention
that a biochemist would probably recognize.

> Linus Östberg wrote:
>> I'm not in any way related to Kalzium, but involved in biomedical  
>> research.
>> On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 6:37 PM, Orestes Mas <orestes at tsc.upc.edu>  
>> wrote:
>>> I've some doubts regarding the translation of some english words /  
>>> expressions in Kalzium, and need further clarification by the  
>>> developers:
>>> 1) What exactly do you mean with "Shapely Colors"? (i.e. the  
>>> meaning of adverb "shapely" applied to colors)
>> I believe it's named that way since that's how it's named in rasmol.
>> In my opinion it should be kept that way in order to keep consistency
>> with other applications with equal functionality.
>> "The RasMol shapely color scheme color codes residues by amino acid
>> property. This scheme is based upon Bob Fletterick's "Shapely  
>> Models".
>> Each amino acid and nucleic acid residue is given a unique color. The
>> shapely color scheme is used by David Bacon's Raster3D program [4].
>> This color scheme is similar to the amino color scheme. Shapely can  
>> be
>> selected from the RasMol Colours menu."
>> http://life.nthu.edu.tw/~fmhsu/rasframe/COLORS.HTM#shapelycolors

The following is inexact in Avogadro: the translation reads as  
'Couleurs "shapely" '
and was also endorsed by my fellow Benoît Jacob. Any other translation  
is in my
opinion false and misleading: the one proposed a few hours ago in  
"Couleurs galbées" is alltogether wrong.

>>> 3) If my beliefs concerning (2) are true, then may be (1) is  
>>> related to the way amino-acids are colored in a molecule, so in  
>>> this case may be "Shapely Colors" should change to something more  
>>> clear as "According to shape".
>>> "Shapely colors" is so misleading that translation teams are  
>>> translating this in very creative ways: French translation is  
>>> something like "lathed colors", and spanish one is "Well-formed  
>>> colors"...
>> As mentioned, I think the current naming should be kept. I have no
>> idea how to translate it though.
> I agree with Linus here.
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Sometimes, shop talk is untranslatable.

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