[kde-edu]: KDE-Edu on any OS: E.g. KEduca

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Wed Jan 28 20:15:06 CET 2009

Dear list,

during the Trolltech dinner at Berlin Linuxtag, I was pointed to 
windows.kde.org. Despite the lack of Windows systems on my personal 
hardware, porting KDE[-Edu] to further OSes facilitates its spread - 
especially in educational environments (vulgo: schools).

Recently I had the joy to install KDE on a windows system, and to 
replace Explorer by Konqueror. Well done!

Now, I was looking for some reference pages (preferably in German)
for single educational applications - like say: KEduca. I thought of 
some page at kde.org pointing to download sources for ANY OS.

Google took me to:


which mentions stone-old version 0.4 and points to non-existing:


This makes me wonder: 
Shouldn't we let Tucows & Co. know of KDE-Apps for Windows? 
Is there a missing link in order to get more users?

What do you think? Which pages do you recommend?


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