[kde-edu]: CubeTest: finally in playground

Frederik Gladhorn gladhorn at kde.org
Thu Apr 23 09:25:53 CEST 2009

Hi Jos,

On Wednesday 22 April 2009 00:50:05 Jos van den Oever wrote:
> Hello list,
> In 2004, I wrote a Qt application for a competition. The application
> has a simple look and only one task: point out the right cube from a
> choice of four cubes. I decided to propose to add the application to
> KDE-edu. At the time of writing, autotools were still king and Qt3 was
> hip. I've dusted off the code and hope you like it. The program is
> being used in schools and is mentioned on some teacher web sites.
> Usually (probably only) the Microsoft Windows version is used. That
> binary is stable and I'd like to let CubeTest continue life as a KDE
> application.
> More information here:
> http://www.vandenoever.info/software/cubetest/
> The current code can be found in playground/edu/cubetest
Awesome and compiles fine here :)
I like the idea of this little app.

Two things I noticed (mind, I only compiled it and ran it twice):
-I think the text in the welcome screen could be improved.
-When clicking one of the cubes (as opposed to rotating it) the app segfaults. 
I have no time to look into it, but it's probably something easy from porting 
to Qt 4.

Thanks for sharing it, it's a really nice addition for KDE-Edu.

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