[kde-edu]: FlashQard

shahab shirazi shahab.sh.70 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 00:00:06 CEST 2008

> Now: Merge? Or rename to flashKard?
> Good luck, anyway - and in case anybody is looking about a console/bash
> vocabulary trainer: try "voc" then ;)
Hi Ralf,
hmmm... I doubt whether flashqard will be switch to KDE classes (and renamed
to FlashKard). If no one agrees with including this software in KDE, then
why should I switch to KDE classes? I prefer to spend my time improving
flashqard. I've got lots of plans ;)
Maybe someday it will be improved enough to be included in a big project
such as KDE.
And thanks for introducing ANKI... It seems to be great. I can get a lot of
ideas from that software.

Best regards...
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