[kde-edu]: [KTouch] perl-generator

Julien Richard-Foy julien.rf at no-log.org
Sat Sep 27 19:33:09 CEST 2008

> I applied your patch to the perl script and got the same problem than you.
> However after a few googling I changed line2 to
> use encoding utf8;
> and it seems to now generate correct utf8.
Great ! Thank you, I've tested and it works well on my system.

> Another small thing: the command
> perl ktouch-gen.pl fr.bepo.conf < fr.xml
> does not pipe the text in fr.xml, I have to copy/paste it from konsole. I
> don't have the strength to further dive into Perl and try to fix it...
But that's the expected behavior ;)
The usage is :
$ perl ktouch-gen.pl conf_file < dictionnary_file > ktouch_file

> I'm committing the corrected Perl script. Should I commit the generated
> training file as well? And the .config to generate it?
No, I think I'll change this training file a bit before releasing it.

Julien Richard-Foy

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