[kde-edu]: [KTouch] perl-generator

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Sat Sep 27 15:04:26 CEST 2008


You sent me the mail as well a few days (weeks?) ago, sorry but I was on 
vacation and then slow to get back. Today I am in Toulouse in a KDE hacking 
session so even if I don't know Perl I htought I have a look.
I applied your patch to the perl script and got the same problem than you. 
However after a few googling I changed line2 to
use encoding utf8;
and it seems to now generate correct utf8.

Another small thing: the command
perl ktouch-gen.pl fr.bepo.conf < fr.xml
does not pipe the text in fr.xml, I have to copy/paste it from konsole. I 
don't have the strength to further dive into Perl and try to fix it...

I'm committing the corrected Perl script. Should I commit the generated 
training file as well? And the .config to generate it?

Thanks for your contribution and again sorry for the delay!


On Friday 26 September 2008 18:58:41 Julien Richard-Foy wrote:
> I forward a previous mail sent to the current maintainer of KTouch with no
> answer...
> I hope here is the right place.
> Julien
> ----------  Message transmis  ----------
> Sujet : [KTouch] perl-generator
> Date : dimanche 7 septembre 2008
> De : "Julien Richard-Foy" <julien.rf at no-log.org>
> À : haavard at users.sourceforge.net
> Hi,
> I played a bit with the perl training generator and found one bug : the end
> tag "</KTouchLecture>" was not right (the "/" was missing).
> BTW I added the ability to specify the title of a training file directly
> from the configuration file.
> I found that the python generator was really interesting too, especially
> with the "type" parameter for each level, specifying the kind of word that
> has to be generated. I don't know Perl at all, since I was not able to add
> this feature to the current perl generator (and even if I was able to do
> it, I did not find a smart way to modify the configuration files format
> without breaking the curent format).
> Do you plan to improve the perl generator ? Or maybe I could modify the
> python generator to produce the current xml format... But I think it would
> be nicer if we could have only one generator to maintain.
> In addition, I got troubles with non-ascii characters when I tried to
> generate training files. My conf file is encoded in utf-8, my console too,
> but when the file is generated I see wrong characters instead of non-ascii
> characters. Where's my mistake ? I joined the conf file and the generated
> training file to this email. Maybe you could help me...
> Greetings,
> Julien Richard-Foy
> -------------------------------------------------------

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