[kde-edu]: About KDE Marble

Torsten Rahn rahn at kde.org
Thu Sep 25 15:17:44 CEST 2008

On Thursday 25 September 2008 14:33:56 Patrick Spendrin wrote:
> kmz is only a gzipped version of kml so if you would really need to open
> it the only way currently possible would be to gunzip it and then send
> open it with marble.

Small nitpick: The only way currently possible is using unzip ("pkunzip"). 
That's also the reason why Marble currently only offers kml support and not 
libz (which provides gzip support) doesn't deal with the pkzip format hence 
there is no such support inside Qt.
I'd like to avoid a dependency (even a soft one) on libraries that are rarely 
installed. So currently the most simple (and admittedly ugly way) to add the 
feature of kmz support would probably be to execute the "unzip" command using 
QProcess. :-/

> > Particularly, I was able to open a kml file with a single point location
> > but I wasn't success opening a gridded map generated with IDV (version
> > 2.5). This same map can be displayed in Google Earth (for Linux), which
> > also displays animated images (sequence of maps) in kmz format (also
> > generated using IDV). However, I can't get the gridded map when trying
> > to open any of these files (either kml or kmz) using Marble (version 0.6
> > in a Mandriva 2008.0 with kernel, i686 IntelCore)
> Neither of those two features are implemented in marble yet and I am not
> really sure that those two special features are on two list next;-).
> But in general I am currently working on improving the kml support,
> these changes will be included in the next KDE release(4.2) and the next
> marble release(0.7 if I am correct) too.
> But you should be aware that I am still far away from Google Earth (I
> currently have ~1/3 of the tags that a kml file could contain, Marble
> 0.6 has even less).
> > Any suggestion / hint?
> If you want to follow the development you need to simply follow the
> compilation instructions on the http://edu.kde.org/marble page, if you
> want to help with development just join the marble-team (either here, on
> the marble-devel at kde.org mailing list or on irc at the channel #kde-edu)
> > Thanks in advance
> regards,
> Patrick
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