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Patrick Spendrin ps_ml at gmx.de
Thu Sep 25 14:33:56 CEST 2008

Francisco Javier schrieb:
> Hi KDE-Edu team and users,
> I think Marble is really amazing! and I would like to know if you are 
> planning to somehow include the import of kmz files in future versions.
kmz is only a gzipped version of kml so if you would really need to open 
it the only way currently possible would be to gunzip it and then send 
open it with marble.
> Particularly, I was able to open a kml file with a single point location 
> but I wasn't success opening a gridded map generated with IDV (version 
> 2.5). This same map can be displayed in Google Earth (for Linux), which 
> also displays animated images (sequence of maps) in kmz format (also 
> generated using IDV). However, I can't get the gridded map when trying 
> to open any of these files (either kml or kmz) using Marble (version 0.6 
> in a Mandriva 2008.0 with kernel, i686 IntelCore)
Neither of those two features are implemented in marble yet and I am not 
really sure that those two special features are on two list next;-).
But in general I am currently working on improving the kml support, 
these changes will be included in the next KDE release(4.2) and the next 
marble release(0.7 if I am correct) too.
But you should be aware that I am still far away from Google Earth (I 
currently have ~1/3 of the tags that a kml file could contain, Marble 
0.6 has even less).
> Any suggestion / hint?
If you want to follow the development you need to simply follow the 
compilation instructions on the http://edu.kde.org/marble page, if you 
want to help with development just join the marble-team (either here, on 
the marble-devel at kde.org mailing list or on irc at the channel #kde-edu)
> Thanks in advance
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