[kde-edu]: Edu Day in Gran Canaria Desktop Summit

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Mon Sep 1 10:47:56 CEST 2008


I'm just back from a 2 months vacation far from KDEland ;)

I am thrilled that you already are planning an Edu day and I like the 2 sides 
of it (institutional and technical). I would even add a 3rd side if possible: 
a demo lab with desktops, laptops, subnotebooks like EeePC and Classmate 
PCs, ... If possible I would personally also like to see a "mini classroom 
setting" in action with a server.

A few other ideas:
- check with Africa to see what countries are interested and what contacts we 
can make (institutional and technical)
- ask Mandriva people if they are interested to present their solution (they 
are developing an Edu solution in France and are also involved with Classmate 
PC) I guess it will depend on how they can offer this solution to other 
countries than France.
- check with other distros if they want to take the opportunity to send their 
Edu people (Suse, Debian, ...)
- check with Mauricio if we can bound with Brazilian people
- check with GNOME people if they have people interested in Edu (Bruno Coudoin 
from GCompris while not a GNOME member should be invited)
- maybe set up a KDE working group if this is needed: it could analyze the 
current strengths of KDE4 in Education (kiosk mode, KDE-Edu,...) and help 
define the weaknesses, especially after the Edu Day. 

I'll be happy to assist you in anything you need and I wish you the best in 
the preparation of this day. 

Best regards,


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