[kde-edu]: FrOSCon 2008 CfP

Alexandra Leisse alex at troubalex.de
Fri Mar 28 12:19:28 CET 2008

Sorry, had to resend because of the wrong sending address. :-S

Good morning!

 I just stumbled upon the new FrOSCon website (http://www.froscon.de -
 english available). This conference will be held on August 23rd and
 14th at St. Augustin which is close to Bonn.

 They are currently looking for talks and this year's main emphasis
 seems to be on Free Software in Education (that's why I cross posted).
 Is anybody interested? I could handle organisation, but haven't done
 any talk before.

 Maybe we could even get up a booth there. Any plans on this so far?


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