[kde-edu]: How do I use Parley?

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at gmx.de
Tue Jun 10 23:51:49 CEST 2008

Hi Ken,
asking is appreciated of course.

On Tuesday 10 June 2008 22:05:05 Kenneth Sturmer wrote:
> I really don't want to seem mentally challenged. However I am totally
> baffled by Parley.  I assume you have to set it up somehow, but I see no
> instructions on how to do so.  When I open it I simply get a bunch of blank
> screens that do nothing.  Do I have to enter the vocabulary on my own word
> for word?  I cannot figure any way to download a vocabulary.  I see
> examples on your site, but no way to make them function.
There is a tiny bit on that in the help, though the help sure could be more up 
to date :(
To get example files you can use "File->Download New Vocabularies...".
Another option is to download the files directly from 
http://edu.kde.org/contrib/kvtml2/kvtml2.php, save them and use "File->Open".

Typing in the words is sometimes a good way to get to know your vocabulary (a 
first practice) but not a lot of fun, I agree.

Why you are done getting a file or typing a few words you can fine tune what 
you'll be asked by "Configure Practice" or start right away with "Start 

> When I open Parley I simply see something that reads "first language,
> second language"  I tried typing in entries, but nothing.  So is there a
> guide somewhere on how to set this thing up?
For the headers: Edit->Languages (yeah, it's still a bit clumsy to set up).

> Please bear with me.  I am new to KDE.
Welcome :)


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