[kde-edu]: How do I use Parley?

Kenneth Sturmer ksturmer at gmail.com
Tue Jun 10 22:05:05 CEST 2008

I really don't want to seem mentally challenged. However I am totally
baffled by Parley.  I assume you have to set it up somehow, but I see no
instructions on how to do so.  When I open it I simply get a bunch of blank
screens that do nothing.  Do I have to enter the vocabulary on my own word
for word?  I cannot figure any way to download a vocabulary.  I see examples
on your site, but no way to make them function.

When I open Parley I simply see something that reads "first language, second
language"  I tried typing in entries, but nothing.  So is there a guide
somewhere on how to set this thing up?

Please bear with me.  I am new to KDE.

Ken Sturmer,
Hudson Florida
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