[kde-edu]: KNS Server (Was: Step is moved ... )

Mauricio Piacentini piacentini at kde.org
Fri Apr 4 11:43:42 CEST 2008

Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> KDEGames will have a meeting soon about that, we absolutely need to make a 
> formal demand to KDE sysadmins and be done with this. And we need to 
> transfert all data from edu.kde.org to this server before 4.1.
> I'll be away from 12th April to 18th April without internet so maybe this will 
> need someone to step (ahah) in to push on that when we know more about 
> exactly what is needed!

KDEGames is now officially using KNS, theme downloading has been 
implemented in KBlocks and is available as a one-line modification to 
all games that use KGameThemeSelector (and enabled by default.)

Notice that current games that use KGameThemeSelector simply need to 
remove a parameter in the constructor to benefit from it immediately:

dialog->addPage( new KGameThemeSelector( dialog, Settings::self(), 
KGameThemeSelector::NewStuffDisableDownload ), i18n( "Theme" ), 
"games-config-theme" );


dialog->addPage( new KGameThemeSelector( dialog, Settings::self()), 
i18n( "Theme" ), "games-config-theme" );

The game author needs to provide a gamename.knsrc file as well, 
installed by CMake with something like

install( FILES kblocks.knsrc  DESTINATION  ${CONFIG_INSTALL_DIR} )

Anne-Marie, when we brought this to the e.V. list, I got the impression 
that we needed more users in order to push for the server. And you are 
right, we absolutely need it now.

This issue is already placed by Eugene in the agenda for our next 
meeting, which will probably take place on this Sunday, April 6th, at 
20:00 UTC. See it here: 

Mauricio Piacentini

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