[kde-edu]: Planning a KDE-Edu meeting in Paris to shape KDE-Edu 4.1

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annma at kde.org
Thu Sep 20 12:34:43 CEST 2007

Hi Edu people,

I am organizing a KDE-Edu meeting in Paris and Mandriva agreed to let us use 
their premises for a week-end!

The date I have in mind would be 1st - 2nd December, with an arrival on Friday 
30th November to get a good start at 9:00 am on Saturday. Friday evening 
would allow us to meet each other.

This is flexible of course, end of November and January being also other 
possibilities. I have to rule out later in December for myself for my 
mother's duty!

Let's start a quick poll on:

- Preparation of KDE-Edu 4.1: what to include, what to improve...
Work in small groups and a group brainstorm session.

- Debugging of current version, roadmap for 4.0.X versions

- Some people to work on the website ?


This agenda is of course very open. It would be very nice if new programs 
developers can come (Vladimir for Step, Arnold for KVerbos, 
KMathTools??? ...)

On the practical side: I asked eV to fund the week-end but I did not get any 
answer yet. I don't think there will be any problem though but if any of you 
can come with a sponsor (for food for example), that would be welcome.
Your trip and lodging will be totally paid for!

As you know, Free Educational Software is now one of the hottest area in Free 
Software. It's important to deliver as good tools as we can and to make them 
known. Frederik with KVocTrain/now Parley already got an online interview, 
this is very good! Also don't forget Windows, we have another user base just 
waiting for us! It's important to work as a team and meeting in real is 
really productive.

These are only ideas, please feel free to suggest anything, I'm not your boss, 
just the coordinator! ;-)

Thanks to everyone working on KDE-Edu and making it fun to work on!


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