[kde-edu]: kig: desiderata (wishlist)

Ralf Gesellensetter ralf.gesellensetter at web.de
Sat Sep 15 21:24:48 CEST 2007

Am Samstag, 15. September 2007 18:44 schrieb Pino Toscano:
> Hello,
Hi Pino,

thanks for your quick reply ;)
> > I'd like to have vector objects for OoDraw - so I can arrange them as
> > needed - but not even Inkscape managed to export usable files.
> You can export the construction to SVG: File → Export to → SVG.

Yes, but: OODraw doesn't import SVG (but WMF). 
> > 1. Add clipboard support or at least "export selection"
> I'm not really sure how clipboard would help here; what, and which format
> should the selection be copied to?

The matter is that I only want to copy e.g. one (out of several) triangle.
> > 2. Add cloning function (AFAIK, you can only move or transform a shape,
> > but not create an independent clone)
> That's not something really easy, even on the design side.
> Image to construct two points, and a line through them. Select one of the
> two points and the line. What should happen if you wants to clone the
> selected object?

Quite true, and some constructions may even rely to their relative position 
within the coordinate system and thus hardly movable. Maybe a starting point 
could be to just clone _all_ objects which are there. Another way would be to 
represent all objects in a tree view - and copy entire branches there.
> > 3. Allow to set default appearance of object types globally
> >   (e.g. show cross 'X' instead of dots for vertices/corners).
> To be done, but not planned yet.

Okay, not too urgent as it is possible to select several points and change 
settings in one go. Another thing with X marks is that they get too small if 
you export to bitmaps unless you scale the window to 1/6 of the screen size 
before exporting. 

Any news for KDE4 BTW? Additional im/export filters for instance?
Kind regards

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