[kde-edu]: Q: Optimal framework for vocabulary+sound

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at gmx.de
Sat Sep 15 00:05:11 CEST 2007

Hi Ralf!
Of course I have to promote Parley a little ;)
It has a much nicer interface than KVocTrain had and does have (very limited) 
sound support.
The vocabulary files we now use across kde-edu are all the same, kvtml-2.
It's xml and quite readable.

Images support could be possible in the near future, depending on how much 
demand there is. There is a posibility to include them in the document, but 
so far this is not used.

In the end, to create a custom test dialog would be a matter of a few hours, 
since I just cleaned that part. Including sound and images there should be 
possible pretty quickly.

The main interface would still be the table, but the test can look any way we 


El Friday 14 September 2007, RalfGesellensetter escribió:
> Dear list,
> there is a question on our German Debian-Edu list: some parents plan to
> create freely available vocabulary for their kids (3rd form/primary
> school), including artwork and pronounciation (sound files).
> They ask for an easy to use data base - and tend to reject KVocTrain
> (KDE 3.5 version) for design reason (it doesn't support sound files
> anyway). I think what they are looking for is rather a frontend like
> Kanagram's.
> What is your advice?
> Thanks
> Ralf
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