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Ilja iljuss+kde-edu at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 19:39:53 CEST 2007

2007/9/8, Anne-Marie Mahfouf <annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr>:
>As a general note, I would suggest you use an Educational
>distribution, there are a few out there nowadays and they are good,
>quick to install and easy to use and to update.

No. Actually I'm quite happy with Debian, it also meets these
requirements. (Yes, Debian stable is a bit out-of-date, but it doesn't
matter much for me.) Thanks to Debian kde-edu maintainers, who
have made different packages for kde-edu application, users can
learn e.g. touch-typing (KTouch), without needing to install ~20
other programs.

>We badly need someone to work on the website in fact so if you have a
>little time maybe you can help!

Ok, maybe I can help. But how? On kde-edu project website is such link
as "Working on this website", but it actually targeted to current
kde-edu developers, so I would put it actually it under "Developer

On that page [http://edu.kde.org/stuff/readme.php] I actually expected
to see such "Do you know xhtml, css, php? Want to help? Here are
issues: ..." text. But there isn't any.

I have visited kde-edu website also previously and it seemed very similar
to proprietary software (too closed), because:

1) I could get more information over programs on Wikipedia (and they
wasn't much), that on [http://edu.kde.org]
2) It was so hard to see source code and issues
3) *There weren't said anywhere that it shouldn't be so.*

And I had thoughts like: "Ah, this project sucks, ...". But after posting
on this I got replies very fast and my opinion has changed. So better
and more informative website should be the right way to bring
*casual* users closer to developers.

You could also write about it (that you badly need someone) on
"Getting involved" page.

I thought now over easier bug/feature request reporting, there could
be some "developers wiki", where anybody could write ideas
and suggestions about programs and project.

>All global problems you encounter with KDE in general don't concern
>this list.

Are all problems that I described in *2) Usability* kde-edu issues, or
are some of them such "global" issues?

>About the KDE-Edu website [..] but all in all I think it's pretty good

So the source code and and isses should be so hardly accessible?

>..we keep both programs because KVocTrain was done a long time ago
>(started in 1999) and lots of users want us to keep it.

Yes, I personally would keep also both, because KWordQuiz lacks too many
features. But question should be *which one you will develop* and which
one drop?

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