[kde-edu]: Fwd: kdeedu project

Saro Engels ps_ml at gmx.de
Sat Sep 8 20:21:13 CEST 2007

Ilja schrieb:
> Ok, maybe I can help. But how?
You actually found a way to complain somewhere, why not providing a 
patch/new version?
> On that page [http://edu.kde.org/stuff/readme.php] I actually expected
> to see such "Do you know xhtml, css, php? Want to help? Here are
> issues: ..." text. But there isn't any.
Basically this isn't the way it works: normally you find something that 
can be made in a better way; you work on some improvements and either 
send a patch to a mailing list or you change it in our repository.

> 1) I could get more information over programs on Wikipedia (and they
> wasn't much), that on [http://edu.kde.org]
> 2) It was so hard to see source code and issues
> 3) *There weren't said anywhere that it shouldn't be so.*
Kde-edu is a sub project of kde which consists of further sub-projects. 
So everything that applies to KDE applies to kde-edu and to all the 
subprojects as well...
Btw., Source code can be seen under http://websvn.kde.org - this is one 
of the things which is clear for all kde projects and which shouldn't be 
written on every single project web site.
> Are all problems that I described in *2) Usability* kde-edu issues, or
> are some of them such "global" issues?
see above.

Everybody knows that is quite a long way from the user to the developers 
because of the step packaging - but this applies to all of kde as I 
already told you.
And please try to be a bit more constructive with your criticism - you 
might make more friends over here.


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