[kde-edu]: Integrating existing EduApps into KDE-Edu?

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Sun Jan 28 09:19:52 CET 2007

Hi Ralf,

1) Speaking of the kdeedu module (the code)
A few things: KDE-Edu is a KDE module and part of "official" KDE (the kdeedu 
module is shipped in a KDE release). As such, it should follow a few criteria 
which are:
- build on KDE (not only QT) latest technology. Why so? To fully integrate in 
the KDE desktop. 
- programs should be actively maintained and developers should follow KDE 
release scheme 
- be as international as possible (it should be possible to use it in every 
country in the world) -> allow use of translated data

So, to answer more precisely your question: Java, Python, Ruby applications 
should be ported to use kde-bindings. GTK+ apps don't belong to kdeedu.

There's also the matter of size of the module which is already too big. This 
already poses problems to edu distros. For example in my view I'd prefer 
having edu games in a separate package. This has to be dicussed later.

2) You mention a few names of applications. For example JFractionLab. We have 
KBruch. If some features exist in JFractionLab that are missing in KBruch 
then maybe we can merge the 2 programs.
GeoGebra seems very interesting and more interactive then Kig or KmPlot. If we 
have a KEduca-replacement that can be used by other programs to generate 
workshhets like that one: 
we'll have the same functionalities.
AbulEdu is French only. As far as I know it is developed by teachers and can 
answer French teachers needs. As such, it should be distributed by AbulEdu 
and not KDE-Edu. 

3) Speaking of the website
We could have a section listing other interesting edu apps. However this is 
difficult to maintain and I cannot volunteer to do so. A common wiki maybe 
would be nice.

4) My turn for a question ;-)  Speaking of Debian-edu I was curious to see 
what was in Skolelinux currently (for my presentation in Paris at the Linux 
show on Tuesday)  and I could not find real information on whether debian-edu 
packages KDE-Edu apps and what version is currently shipped, where it is 



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