[kde-edu]: KEduca plans

Vlastimil Ott vlastimil at e-ott.info
Thu Jan 25 15:12:39 CET 2007

Hello all,

I'm from Czech republic and I'm teacher (Czech & German language).

I would like to use KEduca for my tests but not online (we haven't Linux 
at school's computers). Are there some plans to realise printing of the 
tests created with KEduca? Would it be possible with help of XSL or 

I'm missing many test variants and I'm ready to help but I'm not a 
programmer. What about a Cloze tests or something like Hot Potatoes 

An export to HTML (with JavaScript?) would be cool too - I could then 
prepare my own test for my students, upload it to my web pages and then 
test the students at the school (or they could it make at home - home 

Thanks for your answer.


Vlastimil Ott

E-mail: vlastimil at e-ott dot info
Jabber: vlastimil.ott at jabber dot cz

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