[kde-edu]: Towards KDE4 - your feedback

Peter Hedlund peter at peterandlinda.com
Wed Jan 17 17:25:30 CET 2007

On Wednesday 17 January 2007 06:58, Anne-Marie Mahfouf wrote:
> Peter, what are your views regarding KWordQuiz and KVocTrain? Can you keep
> maintaining both as you do now?

That's my intention, but a lot of work remains. I have made substantial 
progress with KVocTrain during the last couple of weeks. KWordQuiz is fully 
ported, but as of now nothing new yet. Is there yet even the roughest 
time-table availabe for the KDE4 release?

I just realized that the dot article I responded to yesterday was quite old 
http://dot.kde.org/1164320348, but there you can find some of my thoughts.


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