[kde-edu]: Towards KDE4 - your feedback

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Wed Jan 17 15:58:24 CET 2007

Hi all,

KDE is getting prepared for KDE4. Some internal organization is changing and 
now a group of people is been built to share the load of managing the release 

I volunteered for being the release coordinator for the kdeedu module and 
Jason Harris will help with the overall release schedule and the review of 
KDE-Edu applications. Jason also volonteered in moderating and communicating.

You can take part as well, see 
The more we work as a team the best our module will be and the better impact 
KDE4 will make.

KDE-Edu features and time frame
Several programs have been actively developed already for KDE4. I started a 
wiki page 
Could you please state roughly how much time you need to finish implementing 
the features you have in mind?

New programs
I am very keen of having a KEduca replacement as all contacts I had with 
teachers made it a wish. Enrique, did you start something? 
KVerbos: Arnold, what do you think you can achieve for KDE4?
KMathTool: not sure if it'll ever be ready - would need a team work

For all these, if we want to succeed, they should be imported in svn either in 
a playground or in a branch in order for more people to help.

Unmaintained programs
KBruch and KLatin are unmaintained but as they are small programs they'll be 
easy to improve/fix.
Peter, what are your views regarding KWordQuiz and KVocTrain? Can you keep 
maintaining both as you do now?

Thanks in advance for filling in the wiki pages and sharing your ideas in this 

Jason and Anne-Marie

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