[kde-edu]: kvoctrain - new look suggestions

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at gmx.de
Thu Feb 8 20:17:08 CET 2007

Hi all, hi Peter

> 1. It should be possible to view all entries in the vocabulary (like the
> current behavior). This option should be at the top and probably be
> called "All".
> 2. Currently the option of having no lesson assigned is supported, and I
> think that should still be possible. Thus a second item in the list called
> "No Lesson" or "Unassigned".

I thought about that too...
In the long run, what I would really like is a hierarchy of lessons. I think 
that is the best way to do it. Also it makes it more obvious what is 
displayed in the table. But for now I thought the list is simpler to 
implement. But in my eyes it is a compromise.

I for example have quite a few lessons of the book, that I started my spanisch 
course with. They are split into sublessons. So I'd like to have a tree view. 
Ideally with checkboxes to directly choose lessons for the query.

Example: I'll use [] as checkbox. I guess the selection model should be simple 
than, only one entry can be active.

[x] All lessons
  [x] My book
    [x] Unit 1
    [x] Unit 2
    [ ] Unit 3
  [ ] More stuff
  [ ] No lesson/not assigned

As I actually have 260 lessons I could really use an expandable tree. I 
thought about splitting it up into multiple files, but I have some lessons 
that are important, that I always want in my query.

I also like the idea of drag and drop for lessons and also for indvidual 
vocabulary. (Resorting the tree this way, reassigning vocabulary to lesson on 
the other hand)

But apart from that, the lesson column is there, it should be pretty easy to 
make it hide/appear by menu or other means.

I think this would be pretty doable, if the lib (kdevocdocument) did support a 
decent handling of this stuff. But looking at these files, they seem rather 
complex... Another thing is that much more kde-edu programs depend on these 
files than I initially thought.
On the other hand, they could profit from some of this too.

I just looked at klatin (I was a little lost, since I have no clue of latin), 
and it has .kvtml files, but split up into starting letters I guess. Maybe 
there too it would be good to have a hierachy instead of many files?

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