[kde-edu]: kvoctrain

Frederik Gladhorn frederik.gladhorn at gmx.de
Sun Feb 4 19:38:51 CET 2007

Hi Edu people!
I would like to know how alive kvoctrain is actually. As I use it on a daily 
basis at the moment, I thought about improving a few things a little. But so 
fare the move to KDE 4 scared me off a bit. Will there be big changes to it? 
Or is it worth to play with my 3.5.5/6 version? Should I create a user just 
to play with 4.x?

What is the best way to begin?

For example, one thing that annoys me for example is the search. It only looks 
at one language at the time, whereas there is no way to fix which one, 
currently. I found out, clicking once into a field of this language in the 
table does the trick. But this is rather not very intuitive. I'd like to 
change this to behave like so many others - from kmail to amarok - search 
everywhere and show only relevant results in the list below.

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