[kde-edu]: KMatplot, KBillar and other KDinosaurEs

RalfGesellensetter rgx at gmx.de
Sat Feb 3 19:18:21 CET 2007

Dear list, 

double checking a list of free educative software, I hit onto some 
applications that were developped for KDE 2.x or 3.0, but are next to 
dead, meanwhile. I ask you kindly to have a look at them and assess to 
what extend it is possible (and worth) pushing them up to KDE4...:

http://developer.kde.org/~larrosa/ points to Kalamaris, KBillar and 
more, for instance have a look at

http://kmatplot.sourceforge.net/ looks neat - but its last version dates 
back to 2002! I failed compiling the sources:

>checking for Qt... configure: error: Qt (>= Qt 2.2.2) (headers and
>libraries) not found. Please check your installation! 

Koctave: http://athlone.ath.cx/~matti/kde/koctave/




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