[kde-edu]: kvoctrain

Peter Hedlund peter.hedlund at kdemail.net
Mon Feb 5 00:25:05 CET 2007

On Sunday 04 February 2007, Frederik Gladhorn wrote:
> Hi Edu people!
> I would like to know how alive kvoctrain is actually. As I use it on a
> daily basis at the moment, I thought about improving a few things a little.
> But so fare the move to KDE 4 scared me off a bit. Will there be big
> changes to it? Or is it worth to play with my 3.5.5/6 version? Should I
> create a user just to play with 4.x?
> What is the best way to begin?
> For example, one thing that annoys me for example is the search. It only
> looks at one language at the time, whereas there is no way to fix which
> one, currently. I found out, clicking once into a field of this language in
> the table does the trick. But this is rather not very intuitive. I'd like
> to change this to behave like so many others - from kmail to amarok -
> search everywhere and show only relevant results in the list below.

Hello Frederik,

I'm trying to keep KVocTrain alive. Porting to KDE 4 progresses slowly but 

I would encourage against working on the 3.5.x version. The KDE 4 version so 
far will not be very different from the user's point of view, but internally 
the changes are/will be substantial. For the future it would be much more 
worthwhile to learn and work on the KDE 4 version in trunk.

I agree with you that the current search function is very awkward. It would be 
great if you are willing to design something better.


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