[kde-edu]: Fwd: developer.kde.org wiki

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Thu Oct 5 09:37:44 CEST 2006


Here is how I would use a wiki. I encourage you all to express your needs, 
developers AND users. Users, tell us if you would use a wiki or not.

1) Move all Developer Resources content we currently have on the website. This 
includes tips for new developers (can be moved generally in the new developer 
wiki), roadmaps for KDE-Edu, ideas for libs, ...
Contributions can stay on edu.kde.org

2) Attract new developers by listing needs for applications. For example 
KEduca is not currently in KDE-Edu 4. There are already precise indications 
on what teachers want for KEduca (on the kde wiki, BoF page).

3) Keep in touch with our users. 
At the moment Edu lacks contact with its users (mainly teachers). The big 
difference from 3 years ago is that now there are educational distributions. 
It is easier for us to reach our users. If we want KDE-Edu to be successful 
in the future, we need to focuse our development based on real needs. KDE-Edu 
is currently a collection of apps, it is already great of course but other 
people will also start developing edu software. If we want KDE/KDE-Edu stay 
as the leader in that domain, we need to have a more solid development goal.
Have several pages listing all ideas. At the moment ideas are sent to this 
list and forgotten. 

So from my point of view, it's not a developer-only wiki.

I love the KDE wiki, we already used it a lot for KDE-Edu but apart from 2 or 
3 people, nobody can have the slightest idea there are great edu pages in it.

Maybe I am the only one who needs a wiki in the edu team... (maybe I am tired 
to always update the edu.kde.org pages and try to fit new ones in the 
menu ;-)



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